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Why a certification?

Protect your industrial network from costly downtime. Hirschmann certification trainings expand and validate your competence to build, maintain and troubleshoot for maximum uptime. You will gain up-to-date knowledge in an interactive learning environment.​

Who can be sure?

Certification is specifically designed for individuals, not companies. Certification is especially recommended for network designers and administrators, who, as employees or external service providers, are responsible for the availability of industrial networks. For a complete list of certified professionals, Click here.

​What types of certification are possible?

 The Hirschmann Certification Scheme is divided into two distinct areas: General Technology Specialization (CT Courses) and Product Specialization (CP Courses). Within each of these categories, three levels of qualification are available: 

  • Specialist – proves a solid knowledge of the technology or product area;

  • Professional – displays a deeper understanding and application ability;

  • Engineer – demonstrates comprehensive expertise in the respective field or with the respective products.​

THE training pyramid depicts the Hirschmann Certification Scheme and the paths available for knowledge and expertise in Hirschmann technologies and products.​

Hirschmann Training Partners​

Our Hirschmann Certification Courses are taught by our Authorized Partner – Baumier Automation  ​

On-demand or customized courses, please contact us.

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