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HIRSCHMANN – Technology Leader in Industrial Networks

New BOBCAT Switch

Have you ever imagined creating an automation network that supports 2.5Gbit / s in a compact device? Or is it a device capable of guaranteeing determinism in an industrial Ethernet network using the newest TSN technology?

All of this is possible with the new release from Hirschmann, the switch BOBCAT.

Hirschmann, a Belden brand and market and technology leader in the industrial network segment, has developed its newest compact and robust product with the aim of expanding its capabilities and meeting the most diverse needs of this segment.

The first big difference of this device is the ability to create 2.5Gbit / s networks in a compact equipment, on DIN rail, without fan and with approvals for use on the shop floor. With this equipment, the user can even obtain speed variations by creating 4x different 2.5Gbit / s networks, 2x different 5.0Gbit / s networks or 1x 10.0Gbit / s network – all with the help of technology Link Aggregation.

Another great differential is that this equipment supports the technology Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), in this way, it is possible to add a level of determinism in data communication based on Ethernet, being able to meet the most high demands on modern control networks.

The product contains several configuration variants, among them: port speed (Fast, Gigabit and 2.5Gigabit Ethernet), number of ports (4x to 24x ports), temperature (normal from 0º to 60º, or extended from -40º to + 70ºC) ), PoE / PoE +, among other options. Additionally, the product offers a USB-C port, redundant power supply, HiOS operating system (more current, powerful and with more features), support for industrial protocols, possibility of digital input, among other features.

Therefore, this equipment was designed to meet the highest levels of reliability, flexibility and interoperability, being designed and developed with a focus on industrial environments and the proof of the future, as it supports technologies, speeds and Ethernet determinism that today we do not usually find on the floor. factory.

In short, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 (i4.0) has arrived, and with solutions from Belden, Hirschmann, Lumberg Automation, GarrettCom, Tofino, Tripwire and Poliron everything can get easier.

Don’t wait for the future, the future is today. Contact us to receive more information about theBOBCAT and other solutions for industrial networks.

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