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» CA – Shielded Control Cable
Conductor: bare copper, strand class 5.
Insulation: PVC, PE or XLPE / HEPR.
Shielding: full electrostatic on aluminum + polyester tape, copper tape, or tinned copper wire braid.
Armor: Optional in galvanized steel wire braid or steel strips.
Roof: PVC, PE or LSZH materials (halogen free).
Voltage class: 500 V for nominal sections from 0.5 mm² to 1 mm², or 1,000 V for nominal sections from 1.5 mm² to 10 mm².
– Control, command and signaling circuits;
– Connection of machines, buttons and food;
– Microprocessed systems;
– Industrial, petrochemical, paper and cellulose plants, among others;
– Substation automation;
– Fixed installations in trays, cable trays, beds, conduits (built-in or exposed), electrical panels, underground channels, duct bank etc.
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