Lead Wire – Poliron

With construction certified by UL, the new line of Lead Wires da Poliron guarantees your project and its products the safety and reliability provided by an international certification, which allows its use in the main markets of the world. The cables Poliron provide your installation with a quality signal transmission, 100% nationally manufactured!​

Reference in quality and with a respected history in the market, cables Lead Wire da Poliron can be applied in diverse industries, such as heating and cooling equipment manufacturing, leisure vessels, installation in electronic equipment and OEM applications in general.​

Our cables are tested and proven to work in extreme temperatures, and demonstrate oil resistance, following the ASTM B33, B8 and B172 standards.​

Want to know more? Watch our vlog Here is Belden! Lead Wires and the download from our Product Bulletin bellow.

Technical Information and Part Numbers

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