Machflex – Poliron

The Machflex are the line of highly flexible control cables manufactured Poliron and specifically designed to suit machine manufacturers in the most aggressive applications present in industrial environments. The cables Machflex da Poliron they are indicated for installation in small spaces, such as panels, or loaded on machines, according to the designs and dimensions of your equipment.​

The cables Machflex can be applied in the most diverse industrial niches, such as Automobile, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Manufacturing in general. They also have intelligent coding for faster specification and easier cross-reference with other manufacturers, in addition to DIN VDE certification, following internationally certified construction and quality standards.​

The main advantages that can be offered by cables Machflex are high flexibility, reduced diameter, compounds and special raw materials, and follow an international standard with 100% national manufacturing and support, with the standard of service and quality that you already know from Poliron. ​

Want to know more? Watch our vlog Here is Belden! over the cables Machflex and do thedownload from our Product Bulletin bellow.

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