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Ethernet Protocol: What is your role in an industrial plant?

The technology allows a message to cross oceans, thousands of kilometers to trigger a notification anywhere in the world. But, when does this connection begin? What guarantees your security, permanence and evolution?

It is these issues that move Poliron to undertake more and more when it comes to connecting.

The planet boils in an explosion of information and content, storing and transporting them with safety and quality has been a continuous challenge, especially when we are faced with phenomena such as the “Internet of Things” and “Industry 4.0”.

And, at the same time that the world and its logic are transformed, we are transformed together. Poliron understands these social and technological phenomena and works in parallel with these transformations.

Aware of the innovation / quality marriage and ready to deal with the explosion of connection devices, especially with the growth of industrial communication, Poliron develops products that guarantee not only man – man, but man – machine and machine communication – machine, such as the Industrial Ethernet cable line. In this link you can watch the edition of our vlog where we specifically deal with this topic:

Did you know that more than 50% of the industrial communication in the new plants make use of the ethernet protocol as their means of transmitting signals in their equipment?

Today, the Ethernet protocol is applied to all verticals in the industry, following internationally standardized characteristics, such as data transmission speeds, physical environment and security. All of this, within the universe of Automation Technology (TA),

But, stay tuned! The use of common network cables can compromise your plant’s network infrastructure. This is because in an industrial environment the cabling is subject to the most varied exposures, such as interference, extreme temperatures, chemicals, solar radiation, among other aggressions.

Therefore, Industrial Ethernet cables must be built specifically for this type of application. In order to guarantee not only safety, but above all efficiency and effectiveness in connecting and transporting your content and goods.

Poliron works to guarantee different signal transmission solutions with the development of a complete line of cables, connectors, tools and accessories of high quality and reliability. In order to provide faster and faster decision making and the maintenance and functional safety of the industrial plant.


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