SWA - Steel Wire Armor - Poliron - A Brand of YOFC

Designed according to national and international construction requirements, the new line SWA guarantees reliability and security to your project, allowing you to use it even in the most rigorous markets. These are robust and protected products, made of steel wires, which guarantee maximum protection against mechanical damage. The cables Poliron provide your installation with a quality signal transmission, 100% nationally manufactured!​

Cables with frame SWA ou Steel Wire Armor have, in their composition, steel wires arranged helically along the length of the cable, in order to grant greater resistance to impact, traction and crushing, allowing its installation in the most rigorous conditions and environments.

Want to know more? Watch our vlog regarding the SWA armor and download our Product Bulletin bellow.

Technical information

The frame SWA can be applied to the various Poliron product lines. Click on the lines
product below to check the construction that best suits your project.

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