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Belden offers several options for additional knowledge, training and certification on industrial Ethernet networks.

Belden offers multiple options for additional knowledge and training on industrial Ethernet networks. We offer our traditional training program Hirschmann Trainings and Certifications on Industrial Ethernet networks, allowing you to obtain certification as a specialist, professional or engineer in Hirschmann technologies.

In addition, there are now courses available that provide the essentials in Industrial Ethernet Networks. Our new training called Networking Essentials is a condensed version of our courses that will provide you with the tools you need to understand Ethernet technology and concepts, as well as practical techniques and exercises for commissioning, managing and monitoring Hirschmann ethernet network infrastructure equipment.

Certification Training

Recommended for:​

  • Network Designers

  • Network Experts

  • System Integrators

Networking Essentials

Recommended for:​

  • Maintenance Teams

  • Operation Teams

  • System Integrators

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